Monday, August 17, 2009

Bidayuh don't feel proud

Bidayuh don't feel proud under the wings of Malay and Chinese. I produced a poll for readers to vote and the outcome is negative. No one agree. In the system like this, I would like to say that the other major races is just as shits.

The major races, Malay is just one kind. When they wanted to implement the national language(Bahasa Malaysia means for all), they only take it from Malay dialects. SHIT!!. That show their superiority even the chinese can't beat them. Their tongue is just like swords. They slashed everything even the gift of sarawak is flowing to their pockets just like the fast rivers of hell. They are heading towards hell anyway. I agree to the conclusion that they are more poisionos than snakes. The best about snakes is that you can kill but theirs are not.

The law stated that, immigrating to sarawak is controlled but now, it is opened. They played Agong head and tricks in the form of either Rich or Poor and the leaders get fammed. The leaders here are also one of a kind. They are also Muslims. That shows that Panglima kalong Ningkan( An IBAN) at that time is just STUPID when joinings. He don't think of the consequences. Their anchestor only know how to hunt for heads, robbing others of jewels, farms and houses, attacking Chinese merchant ship to get Tajaus for bravement. The weapon they obtained are for killings. Their type of living is in the longhouses waiting for those who are successful comming back hoping buying them Beers from town. Their politics is in the drain like PBDS. Really hopeless.

The only people in Borneo I respect is the grandfather to the Sultan of Brunei. Until now, they got his blessing from Oils. Good for them to have the money alone and making his Palace out of it reaches and passed it on to his next generation. The prices of goods there is also cheap compare to its living capita except to the people of sarawak. To sarawakaian, they can't live there because goods are expansive.

What about the Chinese????? Too many Lanchaw they said. They confined everything to themselves. If they saw the other races started to climb in business, their mafia will started to taxed those suppliers heavily until they can't work or breathe. They are good in tracking and calculating losses. They like to make tatoo dragons.They keep picture of Dragon and buddha eating lemons. They make people becoming cheap labours. They are towkay and general and other races are kuli or slaves. Until now, they know how to make noises but haven't tammed the TIGERS. TIGERS are the Malays who knew them very well and even the son of Datuk Chan are the son in law to Datuk Taibs.

To the Bidayuh.....Live by it and there is no point arguing. If you still thinking Cawat is the issue, follow me. I leave the track behind. Then you will be respected. The party of BN is hopeless although Najib is supporting DBNA in term of money to fame us. He should be in prison for doing that.