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Interview for a post in MLNG,Bintulu

This was the question frequently asked. I feel pity for one of our friend who came for the interview. He didn't prepare. Only the first question. What do you know about MLNG ? He said "I don't know but his answer was, I am a degree holder". The interviewer said....we don't care about your degree but you must know what job and what the company is dealing about and what are you applying for. Go and do research and apply later. Very SAD. I just revealed some question for those who are interested. To help a friend if any Bidayuh might apply for this job. This site is exclusive. Don't look for taki kasung because he doesn't exist. I don't bear that name.

Q. What is MLNG as you may know?
(You are Applying MLNG. You should know about the company. What is MLNG?)
MLNG come from the word Malaysia Liquefied Natural Gas. A gas from offshore is piped to the plant(onshore), processed and liquefied to -161 degree and later transported to Customers (Japan, Korea or Taiwan) using Ships( Tenaga 1, Tenaga 2, Puteri Dilema, Amman Hakata, Aman Sendai, Puteri Intan, YK Sovereign ,Puteri Zamrud, ect...)

Q. Why do we need to liquefied Natural Gas or NG?
It is cheaper to transport Natural Gas (NG) in liquid form. By converting it to liquid, we can reduce the volume from the ratio of 600 to 1 volume. 600 volume of gas is equivalent to 1 volume of liquid LNG.

Q. What is MLNG to PETRONAS?
MLNG is one of the company subsidiaries to PETRONAS (Sebuah anak syarikat Petronas). PETRONAS own 60% share in MLNG. The other shareholders are Mitsubishi of Japan (17%), Shell (17%) and Sarawak government (5%). The share varies for MLNG SATU, MLNG DUA and MLNG TIGA.

Q. What is MLNG complex?
MLNG complex administer the whole administration of the LNG’s namely MLNG SATU, MLNG DUA and MLNG TIGA.

Q. What are the Department in MLNG?
1) Plant Division. Example: Operation, mechanical, instrument, laboratory and ect.
2) Administration. Example: HRM or Human resources
3) Corporate and Legal. Example: Company lawyers who are dealing with laws protecting the company
4) Finance. They are giving aids and support. eg.Salary.

Q. How do you know PETRONAS? What is PETRONAS famous for?
PETRONAS is a national company started with RM10 million in 1974 from federal government and have a profit recorded of RM570 billion.
PETRONAS has given RM336 billion to the government
The rest (40%) was used in foreign investment because we believe that we can’t sustain our oil revenue from oil within the next 50 years. (Crude 22 years, Gas 39 years)
We invest in oil exploration and LNG business because we have vast experience in the field. We have invested in 33 countries and 40% of PETRONAS revenue is from these countries.
In Malaysia, PETRONAS is famous for:
PETRONAS filling station
PETRONAS Formula one (Sepang Circuit)
PETRONAS twin tower
PETRONAS petrochemical plant.

Q. How many staff does PETRONAS have do you think?
Around 6000 in Malaysia and abroad

Q. Why do you like to work with MLNG or PETRONAS?
PETRONAS are stable and offer better remunion or better salary packages than most company in Malaysia. PETRONAS and are the income generator to our country. To be with PETRONAS, we are the loyal citizen to the country. We help by contributing our part to the success to the company.

Q. What are the other company subsidiaries to PETRONAS in Sarawak you may know?
PETRONAS Carigali (Offshore work and drillings)
PETRONAS Gas (Refuelling of gas cylinder) in Bintulu.
Asian Bintulu Fertilizer (ABF in Bintulu)
PETRONAS Dagangan (Distributing/ selling of petrol, oils and other PETRONAS products)
Malaysia LNG sdn Bhd, MLNG DUA and MLNG TIGA (Bintulu)

Q. Who are the MD and CEO of PETRONAS?
Tan Sri Hassan Merican

Q. How much do you think the income of LNG complex generate per day?
600 to 800 million USD per day depend on LNG price or world market.

Q. What can you contribute when Joining MLNG?
I want to deliver the Best services. We will always follow the rule as speculated and always to be with the rest.

Q. If you found out that your bosses is sleeping. What shall you do?
I don’t follow what he does because he should set a good example to others. Maybe he is too tired.

Q. If you are to be transferred to other PETRONAS OPU, Are you willing to be transferred?
Yes. We are still within PETRONAS and my services are much required there.

Q. While working with PETRONAS, can you resign and later apply back and join PETRONAS again?
No. PETRONAS do not take anyone who has resigned from PETRONAS except those who are retired and their services are needed.

Q. Who are the buyers of our LNG? Name the country.
Petronas now are eying Europe, China and India.

Q. What are the other countries that produce LNG? Name few.
Indonesia (Balikpapan)
Nigeria (Nigeria LNG)
Qatar (Qatar Gas, Ras Gas)
Brunei. (Brunei LNG)
Russia.(Sakhalin LNG)
(Others need to check internet)

Q. How much do you expect your salary when working with PETRONAS?
For Diploma holder, Basic salary approx. RM 1400.00 + Plus other allowances (Non execuetive group) and varies from each group.
Degree holders, Basic salary approx. RM 2500.00 + other allowances (Execuetive group) and varies depend on salary scale.

SAFETY Questions
Q. What do you know about Safety?
It is a practice to avoid injuries to our body.
1) Safety helmets to be worn when driving motorcycles
2) Safety belt to be worn when driving cars or vehicle.
3) Using hard hat or Helmet reduces collision by falling objects
4) Using of retardant coverall in oil and gas plant to prevent burns.
5) Using of gloves for hand.
6) Goggles for eyes.
7) Safety boots or safety shoes.

Q. Can you bypass Safety and why?
NO. It protect anybody who use it and it is inside our Acts (Akta keselamatan pekerja )
The company will provide safety and we have to use it.

Q. If you found your colleague who bypasses safety, what should you do?
Tell him maybe he might forget.
Simple SCIENCE Questions.

Q. What is Joule - Thompson (JT) effect across control valves or restrictor with respect to flow in cooling?
When there is a flow across a restrictor or control valve, there is a drop of temperature within it. The temperature effect will absorb heat from its surrounding.

Q. What is Ohm’s law?
V (voltage) =I (Current) R(Resistance)

Q. what is our Natural gas content?
It is gases taken from the ground consisting
1) Hydrocarbon gas namely methane, ethane, propane, butanes, pentane, heptanes, octane, ect.
2) Acid gas such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide
3) Water (Treated in offshore in Glycol unit)
4) And some other traces element such as nitrogen,Ferrous Iron Oxide and metals e.g. mercury.

Q. What is associated gas and non associated gas?
Associated gas = Gas coming out with heavy Hydrocarbon or condensate.
Non associate gas = Gas only.

Q. What is Acid Gas?
Acidic gas such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and sulphur gas( H2S). They also present in our Natural gas.
What are the four (4) most important Hydrocarbon components in making LNG?
Methane, Ethane, Propane and butane

Q. What is Pressure or do you know Pressure. Explain in words?
Pressure is a force exert on the wall. (Pressure=Force X Area)
Example: Air pressure inside a balloon.

Q. What is Dalton’s Law of partial pressure?
PV = nRT. P is directly proportional to n if V and T remain constant. As n goes up, so would P. Or the reverse

Q. What is temperature?
Degree of hotness measured in degree Celsius/degree Farenheight.
What is -375 degree K?
Lowest temperature and point the molecules are inactive. That is measured in degree Kelvin.

Q. What is the relation of pressure, Temperature and volume? Describe.
PV = nRT (as above)
If you add temperature, pressure increase in constant volume or vice versa.

Q. If you increase temperature to a fixed volume, what happened to pressure?
Pressure increases.

Q. How is the piping connected or joint?
They are bolted up with correct specification gasket in between.

Q. Running equipment such as Pumps or Compressors or other Engines. What shall be check there?
(Imagine a cars or lorry)
1. It is running with good noise. No other hissing or hammering sound.
2. Lubrication Oils is maintained and at correct levels
3. Sufficient cooling if any. Cooling water of fans
4. Meter / Ammeter reading or gauges if any.
5. No leakages
6. No wear and tear seen or bad corrosion.
7. Abnormalities such as smells
8. Any flow or not.

Q.What are the processes in MLNG or how the gas is treated?
(Simple flow)
1. Removal of slug. Liquid and gas separation in slug catcher.
2. Meter the gas intake in gas metering.
3. Gas treated using Shell’s Sulfinol Solution to remove acid gas such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.
4. Gas is dried using 4 Armstrong molecular sieve or drier bed.
5. Cooling down using stages propane system
6. Cool down using Main cryogenic heat exchanger( 3 bundle tower)
7. Further cooling down using end flash vessels or expander.
8. LNG is pumped into the tank

Other Question
Q.Bidayuh has a lot of land but we pity those who have no land. Why don’t you plant Oil palm or planting other crops?
We have no more land. Our kampong is all surrounded by another Kampongs leaving for us no more land. No more forest. Our entire brother/sisters are working with Chinese firm. Some in supermarket and our parent are also working. The last we have is our small rubber plantation and is sharing with our uncle.

Q.Do you know where PETRONAS will initially send their plant staff for training?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pregnant man has baby girl

THE world's first pregnant 'MAN' Thomas Beatie has given birth to a healthy baby girl.
Bearded Thomas, 34, gave birth at St Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon, earlier this week.
He was last night pictured leaving the hospital with the baby girl he calls his “little miracle” with wife Nancy Roberts.
A source at the hospital said: “Thomas gave birth without any problems at all, but amid tight security.
“The baby girl is healthy and mother - or father - and baby have been allowed to leave the hospital.”
Transsexual Thomas caused worldwide shock after he posed shirtless, showing his pregnancy bump below a full beard earlier this year.
Thomas, who was born Tracy Lagondino in Hawaii, changed sex ten years ago after taking testosterone pills and had his breasts removed.
But he kept his ovaries and womb because his wife Nancy Roberts, 45, is unable to have children.After falling pregnant by artificial insemination from a sperm donor, Thomas had a normal pregnancy.
The baby had been due to be delivered by caesarean section today. But early contractions forced the couple to rush to the hospital early this week.
He is understood to have gone into labour on Sunday night or Monday morning, and the baby was born amid tight security and secrecy a day later.
He delivered the baby in a special sealed off section of the hospital away from other expectant mothers.Callers phoning the maternity ward earlier in the week were sternly told that there was no Thomas or Nancy Beatie at the hospital.
Thomas was last night spotted leaving the delivery ward wearing sunglasses, a hoodie and shorts with his tiny bundle of joy following behind.
Alongside him was his wife Nancy, and behind her was a nurse carrying the precious baby, whose name has not yet been revealed.
Thomas and his wife were escorted from the hospital by a burly team of female security guards. Hospital staff were so keen for the couple not to be seen they allowed them to use a private exit normally reserved for surgery patients.
Thomas is now set to strike a $1 million deal for the exclusive first pictures of his baby. He has also had a documentary team following them around during the last months of the pregnancy.
Last night the hospital refused to confirm if he had given birth by caesarean. Janette Sherman, a spokesperson for St Charles Medical Center, said: “Due to Federal law I cannot confirm or deny the presence of that person at this hospital”.
Just weeks ago, Thomas told of his joy as they prepared for the new arrival. Thomas said: “We are so excited for her arrival. “I just cannot wait to hold her in my arms and be a father.”
Thomas continued: “I’m just looking forward to holding her for the first time, to finally get to touch her and see her face. “I think about this everyday.”
Thomas chose to keep his female reproductive organs because Nancy, who already has two grown-up children, had undergone a hysterectomy.
To fall pregnant he had to stop taking his sex-change testosterone hormone so he could start ovulating again.He initially fell pregnant with TWINS on his first attempt using donor sperm bought from a cryogenic sperm bank.
But he suffered an ectopic pregnancy and was forced to undergo lifesaving emergency surgery, losing the twins and a fallopian tube.
Thomas was inseminated by Nancy at home using a special syringe from a VET who looked after their pet birds - after doctors and baby clinics turned them away.