Monday, April 28, 2008

We should consider one PKR

If you are Bidayuh and associated yourself to the few names, namely SPDP,SUPP,PBB, PRS, SNAP, STAR or some other related names, you are finished. Bidayuh Politics in the drain. So many yet hopeless. BN rule but we have nothing. History revealed to us that by joining these faction ie. SPDP, PBB, PRS and SUPP, we could have something in return. What is the return?

If you saw the above statement, you would probably guess that the return is "Bidayuh Man should be represented in the Parliment". Oh dear, that is not the real answer.

Living under a small community leaving us a small space to speak. Do we need to bring BIG issues ? Not exactly.

Shall we fight for DPM 1 or 2, The answer is NO, We should leave it to IBAN's political party or Sarawakian Muslim's community to do so.

While people are reading Newspapers and magazines, We should not be conned by the other group like the Chinese. Their point of view are irrelevent to us.

What shall we do?

We should point out justice that we should share the same treatment as what the Malays is having.

Malays should be sensible to us. We must have a good political stability, better place in education, better social economics, allocation of business and contracts and so on.......

By then, I would like to prefer PKR. That is the party which speak justice. Anwar Ibrahim is not a man of failure but STAR does. We should not use the issue that Anuar Ibrahim is an ABIM members that he will not treated us fairly but if you compared it to Ahmad Abdullah Badawi, he is better in his word this time.

Why PKR and not STAR?

PKR together with DAP and PAS represent the biggest opposition group this time and deny BN two third majority in malaysian parliment. It killed most of the BN sharks group, voice up all issues and boil up parliments. If we don't joint them, our issue will not be brought up.

STAR is a bidayuh political party formed without a representative in the state cabinet and parliment. Where are they talking or having their meetings, the coffee shop.

Haaaa.....haa....taki kasung, you shit. Shit mean clever.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuah kasung

Today, I am very happy because I don't missed my chances in stiking Magnum 4D. I consider this a lucky day for me because it increases my earning for another half.
In football, we consider this a golden Ball. It is hard for people to predict whether Ronaldo will score a goal but as a game player, it is an earning or credit to me(although small lah....)

In football again, all the players were playing very hard and the credit goes to the one who score. No matter how good is their goalkeeper was, he is only to secure their goals.

I relate this to myself. Of the few Bloggers when talking about changes, especially those who are against BN MP's or YB's, taki kasung are the ones who got the credits. Four Thousand Ringgit is not small. If you are to bought a salts( Garam) with that amount, it might cause your family to survive for their whole entire life.

Now I speak. If anyone of you who talk about good things, God will remember and credit you like taki kasung did and at the same time, you wil get his blessing. Talk the good things like Tun Abdul Razak wordpress, TBS bidayuh, Tiyung dayak, Digest Rumah dayak, Uchu keling and a few other dayak Bidayuh blogspot which I can't mention here because i don't know their blogspot or site address, God blessed them anyway.

Thank you
Taki kasung

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't believe, don't try

While travelling from Miri to Kuching early this month, Myself and one of my friend suddenly feel tired after 3 hour driving. Without knowing, we stop at one place. Very coincident, just a few meter away, we saw one shed and real fascinating......

Oh!....O!....this is the place where people called it "Batu Katak" so we stop there for twenty minutes trying to figure out what to do.

Yes, my friend was saying. We can get some number from here to buy. My friend took out some paper from our Car and start jotting some number. In kuching the next day, we bought the number for several draw but unlucky...I said NONE is comming out.

So, both of us don't believe this mystics, mitos,tales or mysteries here anymore but while travelling back, we did stopby again. I wrote this number onto the handrail and throwing a few sylling onto katak( Stone figure of Katak). The next morning, I saw my number which I wrote appear in Magnum4D,

I wrote this number 6200, 2770, 2304

All these number came out coincident:

6200 came out on 16/4 (M4D) Didn't buy

2770 came out on 19/04 (M4D) Diddn't buy
2304 came out on 20/04 (M4D)

I called my friend yesterday. Did you strike any 4D, No..but my number is comming out. I wrote this he said. 6950, 5103, 2101 and if he is not mistaken, he did wrote 3696 also.

His number is comming out........

6950 at toto on 19/04
5103 at toto on 20/04
2101 and 3696 ??? we don't know.

Don't believe in me and i am not responsible for your losses

Taki kasung shit everytime.

The Longest word

The longest word. "Kasung" is with her.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We saw Pak Lah killed us

If your sub-ordinate are non-favourable of you, it is wise not to stay. This is my advice to Pak Lah.

OOOi Pak Lah.

I reserve my water-face this time.

As per today in history, We Bidayuh were still in deep grieved because after TiKi, we still have no father ( Abdullah still don't want to elect Bidayuh)

We take Alayantuya as our step mother because she shared the same fate with us. We were denied leader and she was denied friend. We have no mother and father because they were assinated.

We looked up to Richard Riot( Currently under Chinese rule Mongolian, SUPP) but SHIT, he appeared in Borneo Post and drop his waterface. He was happy by his statements but where did in the history Books Pak lah consider his promise and Riot believed.

If you have the gut to JUMP, just jump Riot. Don't make yourself be the channel of laugh. You have done it before but why now?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hey Riot, Don't dream

KUCHING: Member of Parliament for Serian Datuk Richard Riot Jaem is very optimistic that a Bidayuh will be appointed to the federal cabinet.
RIOT: I believe the Prime Minister will accommodate a representative from the Bidayuh community in the cabinet.
He said the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in a recent Barisan Nasional (BN) meeting had said he wanted all communities to be represented in the cabinet.
???Although, it may not be very soon, I believe that the Prime Minister will accommodate a representative from the Bidayuh community in the cabinet,??? Riot told reporters yesterday after receiving sponsored jerseys for the Under 16 School Development Football League from Lea Sports Centre at the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) secretariat.
Riot, who is FAS deputy president, was coy when asked by reporters whether he was among the names shortlisted for the post merely answering: ???I reserve my comment???.
He however said he would not push the Prime Minister to appoint a Bidayuh elected representative to a cabinet post.
Besides Riot, the other Bidayuh MPs are Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit (Mambong) and Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe (Mas Gading).
Dr Tiki served as Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development, but was dropped from the post when Prime Minister announced the cabinet line-up last month.
The five-term Serian MP also pointed out that he was always happy despite reports that he was quitting Sarawak United People???s Party (SUPP), a component BN party.
???I am happy and always happy despite numerous reports that I had gone missing soon after the election,??? he said, adding that rumours that he was quitting BN was just speculative reporting.
He reiterated that he was always with BN all the way, and the votes given to him during the recent general election were for the coalition.
???Through thick and thin, I am always a BN man???in successive elections there was always an increase in my majority votes.???
???And if I am to leave BN, it will be an act of betrayal to my voters and I will not betray my voters,??? he said.
According to him, he was away in Australia when the rumours were rife and that he was quite taken aback by them.
He explained that he was in Australia for a long deserved rest after working very hard in the election.
He also laughed off reporters??? question when asked if he met Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim while in Australia.
Riot disclosed that his handphone was jammed with messages during the ???episode??? from BN and the opposition members, but he did not reply any of them.
On a lighter note he said: ???It was a blessing in disguise as since that episode, people in Peninsular Malaysia now know that there is a Bidayuh community in Sarawak.???

If his statement was true, let me revealed what Riot will get

Senarai Gaji Dan Elaun Menteri

Slip Pendapatan Bulanan bagi Menteri Penuh Malaysia termasuk Ketua-Ketua Menteri adalah seperti berikut:

1. Gaji Pokok RM18,000

2. Elaun Keriaan RM10,500.00

3. Elaun Perumahan RM10,800.00

4. Elaun Wakil Rakyat RM10,650.00

5. Elaun parking RM 5,700.00

Jumlah pendapatan bulanan ialah RM55,650.00 yang wajib diterima sama ada sakit atau tidak bekerja:-

Lain-lain kemudahan seperti:

1. Bercuti ke luar negara sekali setahun terutama selepas persidangan Dewan Negara - Semua perbelanjaan ditanggung oleh kerajaan termasuk tiket penerbangan,hotel, duit poket/saku sebanyak RM50,000.00.

Kalau tidak bercuti ke luar Negara, seorang menteri boleh menuntut sebanyak RM50,000.00 tanpa resit.

2. Bil letrik percuma ditanggung oleh kerajaan Malaysia

3. Bil Air percuma ditanggung oleh kerajaan Malaysia

4. Bil telefon percuma ditanggung oleh kerajaan Malaysia

5. Peruntukan perkakasan dapor / perhiasan rumah dan lain lain boleh dituntut setahun sekali sebanyak RM40,000.00

6.Sebuah kereta Mercedes S320, di lengkapi dengan telefon bimbit, satu pemandu,minyak ialah percuma.

7. Semua pemberian atau derma kepada perkahwinan, kematian, atau pemberian kepada badan kebajikan kebajikan boleh dituntut.

8. Boleh mengadakan rumah terbuka setiap hari Raya. Segala perbelanjaan ditanggung oleh kerajaan. Menteri boleh menuntut sebanyak RM400,000.00

Semua elaun perbelanjaan tidak termasuk dalam slip pendapatan bulanan.

Slip Pendapatan Bulanan Bagi Timbalan Menteri ialah:-

1. Gaji Pokok RM15,000

2. Elaun Keriaan RM9,500.00

3. Elaun Perumahan RM9,800.00

4. Elaun Wakil Rakyat RM10,650.00

5. Elaun parking RM 5,700.00

Jumlah pendapatan bulanan ialah RM50,650.00 wajib terima samada sakit atau tidak hadir bertugas.

Dan Menteri:-

1. Pengerusi syarikat/lembaga jabatan kerajaan

2. Pengerusi syarikat swasta yg dilantik

3. Pedapatan dari syarikat persendirian seperti kontrak dan lain-lain

4. Pendapatan peribadi.

5. Saham akan diberi khas oleh kerajaan sebanyak 300,000 unit setiap masa.

6. Tidak termasuk dari pendapatan luar negara

Maklumat diatas adalah berdasarkan tangga gaji seorang menteri pada tahun 1999 dan ia akan berubah ikut keadaan atau masa.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Afraid JABU should go

In the front page Borneo Post today, Jabu slammed opposition for oppressing the dayaks, yet how much does Jabu know about opression? People are deprived of their homes, birthplaces, ects... just for the sake of rural development or someone Mega project. It was Lihan Jok, Jacob Dungan Sagan and his Orang Ulu people which he can bullshit.

How much does Jabu know about Rumah Nyawin?

How much does Jabu know about Rumah Unjan (Ulu Sebauh) whereby the Tuai Rumah was asked to apply for a "Derma Licence" so that he could go and asked "Derma" from individuals or companies for mobilizing their "RAMU" (or building materials) whereby their longhouses was asked to moved somewhere.

Did Jabu know the plea of Rumah Nor of Sekabai.

Well, I am not hating the Ibans YB's but as coward as you to speak, peoples are living in hells.... They should learn themselves. Maybe, this is the curse of headhunting in the early century but we can't hate each other everytime.

Ibans YB's or MP's should understand when anyone of Bidayuh are not re-elected in the parliment, they should consider and mention one and not started to become a hero by speech. Well...I am not going to give a lesson learn on how to be the best speecher ever but because one of your member is trying to comment about other races. ie. not the only the sole community to look after.

When I post these pictures (below), I am sensitive. I am liable for prosecution. Yet, I don't make damages. I carried the message forward. These are the picture of a lesson learn. One year ago but good one for remembrance. We don't want to hide facts and make it happened anymore or anytime again.

People of Kampung Rejoi, please don't enjoy, People of kampong Pain should feel the pain (Kesakitan). Dawos is the real traitor this time. How much burden you have to pay and someone says....You are not alone for this Bengo Dam. Thousand of houses has been chopped before but we are living in a big state.

Damages is always the damages and we see it happened but we don't speak.

Thank you

Taki kasung shits everytime. You speak.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

SHIT OUT FIRST - Bidayuh politics

When we penned our idea, we were provoked. Yet, our ministers(Bidayuh Minister) can't help themselves. Our MP's are very loyal to other races party. Dr Tiki Lafe are following Iban, James Dawos Mamit are following theMalays and Richard Riot Jaem are following the Chinese. They are following exactly the style of Malaysian Buffaloes by which a rope was tied onto their nose as described by swissserikin. Huh....

The three are useless as described. They are having a crab mentality and a person of no principle as described by James Jemut Masing when he concluded his six followers. Then, an idea was brought forward, If you jumped onto Taib's pond like James Dawos, You don't get anything although how much you chased your people for Bengoh Dam and setting up of Mambong Dumping hells site.

For Tiki, You were just being dumped. If you doesn't agree with me...well, tell me which minister are you now?. I am talking to you because someone has described that Bidayuh are not the priority as being the third majority, you are just as coward of losing your PAY where we voted for you.

Chinese are the one who know how to run the talk so we know what is lanchow. Every lanchow is for YB Richard Riot and he should understand that.

So...what is the diffrent between Dawos,Tiki and Richard ? No different. They are waiting for people's recommendation so that they could have a comfortable seat in the parliment. From this, you can concluded from which U are they from? I really don't know.

There is still no grasshopper yet. You wait PKR.