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nadai jaku bukai.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Maybe this is not your shadow.

Most of the time, we are against our Dayaks YB's but this time, I agree to your statement.

Sarawak can't be the adopted children anymore. We are too poor to sustain the future. Driving toward Vision 2020 and our beloved Dayaks people are still living in poverty. The road to ULU's are also very poor.

Please Masing, continue with your expression and we expect you people to work with the Sabahan. We don't care if you people are the richest because of the Timber cosession but you must speak for our nation.

You have killed PBDS and you must aim higher. Tell your boys (UMNO on the line) but you must bring one party up. That is PKR. By september, Anwar must be the PM and the DPM 1 or 2 must be from East Malaysia or no other talk.


Borneo Post.

LIGHT MOMENT: Masing (left), deputy DUN speaker John Sikie (right) and Wong Ho Leng (DAP-Bukit Assek) find something to smile about.

Sarawak never makes ‘ungrateful’ requests

We never demand for much from federal govt: Dr Chan

SARAWAK has never made ‘ungrateful’ requests to the federal government, said several party leaders here, in stark opposition to a recent comment by a West Malaysian Barisan Nasional (BN) MP.

“We leave the allocation of ministerial post to the Prime Minister. We never demand for much from the federal government,” said Sarawak United People’s Party president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan.
The deputy chief minister was asked for his views in relation to a article, which reported on criticism against East Malaysian BN MPs.
On Monday, Mohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) said in parliament that East Malaysian BN MPs should stop complaining over their lack of representation in the federal cabinet.
Mohamad was quoted as saying that East Malaysian MPs who complained were being ‘ungrateful’ and ‘unable to appreciate their blessings’.
Politicians The Borneo Post spoke to regarding the matter at the State Legislative Assembly yesterday all shared the same opinion – that Mohamad was wrong.
But what differed among the Sarawak party leaders was their opinion regarding the relatively small representation of East Malaysians in the federal Cabinet, and why local MPs were voicing out.
Parti Rakyat Sarawak president Dato Sri Dr James Masing said Mohamad had confused frustration with disloyalty.
“Expressing frustration is very different from being disloyal. He (Mohamad) does not understand that the reason for these ‘noises’ by Sabahans is part of the frustration that Sarawakians also share.
“Our infrastructure is way behind them (West Malaysia) for instance. Look at their roads - North, South, East and West highways … East Malaysia is bigger but look at the mileage of our roads. Sabah and Sarawak have been left behind.”
As such, he said the issue was not about being ungrateful, “the issue is that East Malaysia deserves due recognition”.
However, delving deeper into the subject matter, Masing said the goal behind East Malaysian MPs complaints was not really confined to ministerial posts per se.
“(Federal cabinet) Representation is just one of a few minor issues. The main issue is really development. If they can give us the funds we need for economic development, then, representation becomes secondary,” Masing said.
He added that, in politics, “the bigger the representation, the bigger the voice” to ask for things.
“What we are begging for is development. Don’t sideline us. Don’t treat us as adopted children. We are grateful as we have stuck with Barisan National through thick-and-thin.
“So it is not fair to us at all what this MP (Mohamad) has said,” Masing affirmed.
Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president agreed, but added that BN MPs themselves must also be patient.
“I think he (Mohamad Aziz) is overreacting,” Dato Sri William Mawan said when told of the comment.
“People can voice their complaints … and a political party does have its members.”
Nonetheless, Mawan described the spate of complaints recently as getting ‘very messy’.
“I think the thing has become very messy. We have to consolidate BN now, so we have to rally behind the PM’s decision.
“To me, it is not the right time (to lobby for more ministerial positions). If we start over-exerting, our party (BN) strength cannot be enhanced,” Mawan said.
The Dayak-based party president called for patience. “Wait until we (BN) are strong again.
“We can bring these matters up again latter – like about having a true reflection of party strength in numbers and all these. For the mean time, we should not resort to arm-twisting.”
Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu vice-president Datuk Michael Manyin agreed.
“This (Federal Cabinet) is always the prerogative of the prime minister”.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

At least our Assemblyman doing their part

Bidayuh reps not staging ‘silent protest’- Borneo post

BARISAN Nasional assemblymen from the Bidayuh community yesterday denied they were staging a ‘silent protest’ by not participating in any debate in the just-concluded State Legislative Assembly sitting.
Environment and Public Health Minister Datuk Michael Manyin Jawong, widely regarded as the de-facto leader of the Bidayuhs, said it was just mere coincidence that none of the Bidayuh assemblymen made any speech this session.
“This is just coincidence …There is no truth is such rumours (that we are holding a protest),” he said when met at the State Legislative Assembly building.
Normally, Bidayuh assemblymen are among the vocal speakers especially during the debate in appreciation of the address by the Head of State where they will touch on current issues and even make hard-hitting revelations on problems faced in their constituencies.
However this time around, none of them spoke which gave rise to speculations that there was a protest by the community especially after the Bidayuhs were no longer represented in the federal cabinet.
There were even talks that the protest was staged to pressure the state government into appointing a Bidayuh as an assistant minister in the state cabinet reshuffle which is expected anytime soon.
Three Bidayuh assemblymen when met yesterday admitted that they did not prepare any speech, but denied that they did so in protest or out of spite. Kedup assemblyman Frederick Bayoi Manggie, known for his no-nonsense speech, said he too did not prepare anything for the debate.
Stating that he was not feeling well the past few days, he said: “It is not right to say that we the Bidayuhs are protesting, just because we did not participate in the debate.
“It is just coincidence, but of course some people are picking on this just to make up stories,” he added.
Both Tarat assemblyman Roland Sagah and Tasik Biru assemblyman Peter Nansian said they were leaving it to others to talk this time around.
“It is just coincidence that none of us spoke this time. I did not prepare any speech but this does not mean I am protesting,” Sagah said.
Nansian in a similar tone, said: “There are many other YBs who will also like to speak in the august house … (It will be) quite tiring if so many of us make our speeches.”
The other Bidayuh assemblymen are Ranum Mina (BN-Opar) and Dr Jerip Susil (BN-Bengoh).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We are afraid of Sedition Act

What is it about and RPK is taken into custody. I don't think he will took his cigarette there or consuming too much tobacco this time. I heard that he refuse to take food and start fasting. Right things to do RPK. I folowed him up since last night but I did not light up my candle as per my virgil because I feel like to sleep early.
Over my cup of Sabah Tea this morning, I was imagining.... The price of Alantuya was so expansive that no one could buy until the guy who was frustated just blew her up. We don't know who they are but RPK might have the clue to it. He write and write and write until someone comments, he have crossed the line. His fact was challenged. RPK or Raja Petra Kamaruddin is the King, Blog king lah. We have Rajah before but he can't sustain his Kingness but over 0900AM in the next hour, you will be bailed out. No exception for you.
Over your story, special team must take effect to investigate your story. See who is the real mastermind and who will be brought up to justice. Paryt Keadilan Rakyat question in the parliment was very true. Why the accusation to the No 2 is taken seriously but the question to No 1 asking him to step down was not taken seriously. Another sedition act this time and we are afraid who will tap rubber for our family while we were taken into custody.

Sedition Act. Are we afraid?. No, We trust the law but we don't trust anybody who run the show.

So many DEATHS at National Service. Where is the investigation team?


KUALA LUMPUR: A National Service trainee who complained of an upset stomach after having lunch, died nine hours later at a hospital.
National Service Training Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil said Too Hui Min, 18, died on Wednesday at 10.45pm at the Slim River Hospital in Perak.
The teenager and 177 other trainees from the Geo Kosmo Camp in Kuala Kubu Baru, had chicken rice for lunch while training at the shooting range in Jugra Banting, Selangor. They arrived at the range at 1.45pm,
However, at 3pm, Too complained of an upset stomach and was checked on site by a paramedic on standby. Too, he said, was not allowed to continue with the shooting training and was given medication for wind.
She was then taken back to the camp before she was driven to the hospital.
"Too was the only one who suffered an upset stomach. We are quite puzzled as the rest of the trainees are fine.
"We convey our deepest condolences to the deceased's family. However, we are not taking this lightly and will conduct a thorough investigation.
"But we will not pre-empt anything and will be speaking to everyone including the food caterers, health and NS officers," Abdul Hadi said at a press conference here Thursday.
Too, he said, reached the camp at 5.30pm and was checked according to procedure by a Health Ministry medical officer.
"She was conscious all through and not in critical condition. She was then sent to the hospital at 8.30pm and placed in the observation ward," he said, adding that her family was also informed.
Abdul Hadi said the hospital staff told the NS officers that they could leave the hospital as her condition was not critical.
"She became critical at 10pm and died at 10.45pm," he said, adding that Too had suffered constipation on March 19 but did not have any other medical problems as far as they knew.
On why Too was only sent to hospital at 8.30pm, Abdul Hadi said medical procedures were followed and she would have been rushed immediately if the situation warranted it.
Too, who is from Kuala Selangor, celebrated her birthday last month and was just one month short of completing her NS training stint.
There had been 16 deaths since National Service started in 2004, including two this year. The deaths included those who went on holidays or had accidents outside the camp.
Abdul Hadi said he met with the Health Ministry's officials three days ago to discuss all aspects of NS trainees' health and had suggested a required medical check-up for all trainees before they entered the camps, a suggestion that was raised last year.
"Currently, parents have to fill up a declaration form and identify whether their child suffered from any of the 32 ailments listed. If yes, then they have to undergo a check-up," he said.
The Ministry's National Service health technical committee would look into the proposal before it was discussed at the NS Training Council meeting on June 3.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Health Minister should not talk about money

Thursday, May 1st, 2008
(Dipotong dari Borneo Post)

No money no talk, says Manyin
(By Lim How Pim)

Rate-payers must be prepared to pay more for quality service from local councils

KUCHING: Rate-payers are told to stop accusing the local councils of not delivering quality services since they are not prepared to pay more.

IT’S A DEAL: Khairuddin (right) exchanges the signed documents with Aulbert, witnessed by Manyin and Trienekens’ Human Resource and Projects director Alice Lee (second left). — Photo by Johnathan Bullet

Minister of Environment and Public Health Datuk Michael Manyin said: “They want the best but don’t want to pay. The 26 local councils in the state have always been criticised for not delivering quality services. How can they when they don’t have enough resources?
“And when we want to increase the assessment rate, the people will object. The opposition will come out and make an issue out of it, saying that the government is not with the people,” he said after witnessing the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) and Sarawak Wastes Management Sdn Bhd/Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd to carry out joint research on waste characterisation studies in major towns of the state.
While the local councils had been striving to be self-sufficient to provide quality services, Manyin said the introduction of user-pay concept was not well received by the rate-payers.
“The local councils are forced to follow the standard being practised in Germany, which is high as far as environment standard is concerned to meet the rising expectations of the people.
“We have no choice but to conform to the standard lest we will be branded as polluters,” he said.
He reckoned that Sarawakians were not really concerned so much about environment but they cared about rubbish being dumped on the street, in front or at the back of their houses.
He thus hoped that the MoU would come up with better ideas to enhance garbage collection and waste management at a reduced cost besides creating clean environment.
At a press conference later, Manyin pointed out that the Mambong landfill here was one of the only two level-four standard sanitary landfills in the nation, but producing such high-quality service was generally very costly.
Sanitary landfills varied with dumping sites, and the people should not compare the two waste management approaches, which offered great differences in cost and hygiene.
“Ever since Trienekens came into the picture, the local councils have been practising higher standard of waste management, and comparing sanitary landfills with dumping sites is like comparing an apple with a mango.
“The people here should not compare the cleanliness level with that in Singapore, Japan or European countries, where in Singapore for instance, the fine system is enforced,” he said.
He felt that education played important role in educating the people with the right mindset and good culture towards making the environment clean and friendly.
He said Sarawakians, for example, lacked the culture of picking up litter whenever and wherever they spotted one.
“What the government does is to educate the people to make them have the right habit and understand that it is their responsibility to make the cities and towns clean,” he said, hoping that all the locals would be able to achieve that in a few years time.
Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd managing director Gerhard Aulbert said that urban dwellers generated 300kg of waste per person a year.
“This is quite a big amount compared to that in developed countries. And if we can have many participants for the project, the cost can be brought down. Trienekens has always promoted the user-pay concept but enforcement seems to be a big issue in Sarawak,” he said.
He thus suggested that a standard approach be used to meet the soaring and complex needs of Sarawakians. “Those who want quality services must pay more.”
Unimas acting vice chancellor Professor Dr Khairuddin Abdul Hamid said the MoU was in line with the university’s desire of sharing its expertise, addressing the current needs and solving problems of the local communities.
“It goes a long way in formulating better solid waste management in Sarawak,” he said, adding that the collaboration started during the Engineering Conference 2007, and after several informal discussions between them and Trienekens.
The RM300,000-project is funded by SWM Sdn Bhd, the state government’s arm and concessionaire of the Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWMS) and its operating company Trienekens to develop a database that can provide information on current waste characteristics on households and commercial waste streams in urban and semi-urban areas in the state.
It will come under the wings of Unimas’ Research Innovation and Management Centre. Aside from Unimas, Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) is another project partner.
The two-year project entails the development of methodology and database, data analysis and report preparations. Possible methods include waste studies at points of generations, weight analysis, areas of origin, wastes at disposal sites and landfills.
(What is my view- taki kasung view)
When comming to public services, Manying must not talk about money or mention the word MONEY.
As a Minister alone, he must use his full wisdom of speech in giving speeches. If you read the Borneo Post statement above, I feel ashamed of myself as Bidayuh.
He should says, "While we are giving services, we want city dwellers coorporation. The cost of collecting and transportation are actually more and it is hard to get labour to collect "Rubbish". The cost of managing Waste is actually more. Itu baru betul pandai cakap.......
and you also can conclude "Bidayuh people were giving their utmost, a land but was given very cheap.....Yes, cheap.......cost less than cheap sale price for the government to build Dumping site. We give and so the others should appreciate"
No wounder you build Crocodile statue at SMK Tebakang Secoundary School and hack the dinning hall wall for the student to watch Television every saturday.