Thursday, May 8, 2008

We are afraid of Sedition Act

What is it about and RPK is taken into custody. I don't think he will took his cigarette there or consuming too much tobacco this time. I heard that he refuse to take food and start fasting. Right things to do RPK. I folowed him up since last night but I did not light up my candle as per my virgil because I feel like to sleep early.
Over my cup of Sabah Tea this morning, I was imagining.... The price of Alantuya was so expansive that no one could buy until the guy who was frustated just blew her up. We don't know who they are but RPK might have the clue to it. He write and write and write until someone comments, he have crossed the line. His fact was challenged. RPK or Raja Petra Kamaruddin is the King, Blog king lah. We have Rajah before but he can't sustain his Kingness but over 0900AM in the next hour, you will be bailed out. No exception for you.
Over your story, special team must take effect to investigate your story. See who is the real mastermind and who will be brought up to justice. Paryt Keadilan Rakyat question in the parliment was very true. Why the accusation to the No 2 is taken seriously but the question to No 1 asking him to step down was not taken seriously. Another sedition act this time and we are afraid who will tap rubber for our family while we were taken into custody.

Sedition Act. Are we afraid?. No, We trust the law but we don't trust anybody who run the show.

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Malaysia DIgest said...

Typical Malaysian mindset is most are afraid of the Sedition Act instead of being lied to.

And why the lying MPs who talk empty promises are not charge with Sedition.

Malaysia Digest