Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuah kasung

Today, I am very happy because I don't missed my chances in stiking Magnum 4D. I consider this a lucky day for me because it increases my earning for another half.
In football, we consider this a golden Ball. It is hard for people to predict whether Ronaldo will score a goal but as a game player, it is an earning or credit to me(although small lah....)

In football again, all the players were playing very hard and the credit goes to the one who score. No matter how good is their goalkeeper was, he is only to secure their goals.

I relate this to myself. Of the few Bloggers when talking about changes, especially those who are against BN MP's or YB's, taki kasung are the ones who got the credits. Four Thousand Ringgit is not small. If you are to bought a salts( Garam) with that amount, it might cause your family to survive for their whole entire life.

Now I speak. If anyone of you who talk about good things, God will remember and credit you like taki kasung did and at the same time, you wil get his blessing. Talk the good things like Tun Abdul Razak wordpress, TBS bidayuh, Tiyung dayak, Digest Rumah dayak, Uchu keling and a few other dayak Bidayuh blogspot which I can't mention here because i don't know their blogspot or site address, God blessed them anyway.

Thank you
Taki kasung

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MD said...

A kind reminder to you to set aside 10% for charity, 10% for TBS and 30% for your FD.

50% you can budget for your majeng.