Monday, April 14, 2008

Afraid JABU should go

In the front page Borneo Post today, Jabu slammed opposition for oppressing the dayaks, yet how much does Jabu know about opression? People are deprived of their homes, birthplaces, ects... just for the sake of rural development or someone Mega project. It was Lihan Jok, Jacob Dungan Sagan and his Orang Ulu people which he can bullshit.

How much does Jabu know about Rumah Nyawin?

How much does Jabu know about Rumah Unjan (Ulu Sebauh) whereby the Tuai Rumah was asked to apply for a "Derma Licence" so that he could go and asked "Derma" from individuals or companies for mobilizing their "RAMU" (or building materials) whereby their longhouses was asked to moved somewhere.

Did Jabu know the plea of Rumah Nor of Sekabai.

Well, I am not hating the Ibans YB's but as coward as you to speak, peoples are living in hells.... They should learn themselves. Maybe, this is the curse of headhunting in the early century but we can't hate each other everytime.

Ibans YB's or MP's should understand when anyone of Bidayuh are not re-elected in the parliment, they should consider and mention one and not started to become a hero by speech. Well...I am not going to give a lesson learn on how to be the best speecher ever but because one of your member is trying to comment about other races. ie. not the only the sole community to look after.

When I post these pictures (below), I am sensitive. I am liable for prosecution. Yet, I don't make damages. I carried the message forward. These are the picture of a lesson learn. One year ago but good one for remembrance. We don't want to hide facts and make it happened anymore or anytime again.

People of Kampung Rejoi, please don't enjoy, People of kampong Pain should feel the pain (Kesakitan). Dawos is the real traitor this time. How much burden you have to pay and someone says....You are not alone for this Bengo Dam. Thousand of houses has been chopped before but we are living in a big state.

Damages is always the damages and we see it happened but we don't speak.

Thank you

Taki kasung shits everytime. You speak.


MD said...

Good posting. With pictures some more.

Please continue posting. Let the world know about Bidayuh plight and sorrow.

tbsbidayuh said...

I add your news in my blog too.
please check it out here:

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Jabu's most visionary (but ridiculously no-brainer) ideas so far:

10. Buah Kepayang is the next golden fruit and should be commercialised big-scale. Cynide paste should be traded at RM5000/ metric tonne. Cynide Futures trading from Bursa soon.
9. Ikan Terubok rearing using kelambu for large-scale project to avoid extinction. Ever heard of high-tensile PVC aqua netting?
8. Tricycle subsidy for rural Dayak folks as alternative transport. Donkeys, Ilamas should be an optional upgrade. Hee-Haa!
7. Santubong bridge is ok! The hairline cracks should be no worry. ( err..sweat! ::) Declared safe by a non qualified engineer or maybe self-declared engineer Ir.Jabu? Anyway, it's a world's first.
6. "State JKR better than federal JKR in handling govt projects." His theme song enthuastically repeated for 2007 all year round. DAMA 2008 Song Of The Year nominee.
5. MRSM Betong college marks the sleepy ghost town Betong as the next education hub. Expect the formation Faculty of Nyabungology and Tuakology. Another world's first.
4. "My new Camry got no good battery." (It's a gift car/ numpang car shh! so he just leave it for 2 weeks, cannot start and eventually stall.) That's Toyota Camry Numpang Limited Edition.
3. My wifey got senator, now that's what we called symbolic appointment. Passed a bill at Dewan Negara that declared munching 'sugis'/ tobacco is legal and mandatory at any longhouse.
2. NCR land systematically grabbed (read:Salcra) for palm oil is good, good, good!
1. Dayaks to be united under Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak soon? Parai kitai! Akai, akai, akai!