Sunday, April 20, 2008

We saw Pak Lah killed us

If your sub-ordinate are non-favourable of you, it is wise not to stay. This is my advice to Pak Lah.

OOOi Pak Lah.

I reserve my water-face this time.

As per today in history, We Bidayuh were still in deep grieved because after TiKi, we still have no father ( Abdullah still don't want to elect Bidayuh)

We take Alayantuya as our step mother because she shared the same fate with us. We were denied leader and she was denied friend. We have no mother and father because they were assinated.

We looked up to Richard Riot( Currently under Chinese rule Mongolian, SUPP) but SHIT, he appeared in Borneo Post and drop his waterface. He was happy by his statements but where did in the history Books Pak lah consider his promise and Riot believed.

If you have the gut to JUMP, just jump Riot. Don't make yourself be the channel of laugh. You have done it before but why now?

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