Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't believe, don't try

While travelling from Miri to Kuching early this month, Myself and one of my friend suddenly feel tired after 3 hour driving. Without knowing, we stop at one place. Very coincident, just a few meter away, we saw one shed and real fascinating......

Oh!....O!....this is the place where people called it "Batu Katak" so we stop there for twenty minutes trying to figure out what to do.

Yes, my friend was saying. We can get some number from here to buy. My friend took out some paper from our Car and start jotting some number. In kuching the next day, we bought the number for several draw but unlucky...I said NONE is comming out.

So, both of us don't believe this mystics, mitos,tales or mysteries here anymore but while travelling back, we did stopby again. I wrote this number onto the handrail and throwing a few sylling onto katak( Stone figure of Katak). The next morning, I saw my number which I wrote appear in Magnum4D,

I wrote this number 6200, 2770, 2304

All these number came out coincident:

6200 came out on 16/4 (M4D) Didn't buy

2770 came out on 19/04 (M4D) Diddn't buy
2304 came out on 20/04 (M4D)

I called my friend yesterday. Did you strike any 4D, No..but my number is comming out. I wrote this he said. 6950, 5103, 2101 and if he is not mistaken, he did wrote 3696 also.

His number is comming out........

6950 at toto on 19/04
5103 at toto on 20/04
2101 and 3696 ??? we don't know.

Don't believe in me and i am not responsible for your losses

Taki kasung shit everytime.

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