Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pregnant man has baby girl

THE world's first pregnant 'MAN' Thomas Beatie has given birth to a healthy baby girl.
Bearded Thomas, 34, gave birth at St Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon, earlier this week.
He was last night pictured leaving the hospital with the baby girl he calls his “little miracle” with wife Nancy Roberts.
A source at the hospital said: “Thomas gave birth without any problems at all, but amid tight security.
“The baby girl is healthy and mother - or father - and baby have been allowed to leave the hospital.”
Transsexual Thomas caused worldwide shock after he posed shirtless, showing his pregnancy bump below a full beard earlier this year.
Thomas, who was born Tracy Lagondino in Hawaii, changed sex ten years ago after taking testosterone pills and had his breasts removed.
But he kept his ovaries and womb because his wife Nancy Roberts, 45, is unable to have children.After falling pregnant by artificial insemination from a sperm donor, Thomas had a normal pregnancy.
The baby had been due to be delivered by caesarean section today. But early contractions forced the couple to rush to the hospital early this week.
He is understood to have gone into labour on Sunday night or Monday morning, and the baby was born amid tight security and secrecy a day later.
He delivered the baby in a special sealed off section of the hospital away from other expectant mothers.Callers phoning the maternity ward earlier in the week were sternly told that there was no Thomas or Nancy Beatie at the hospital.
Thomas was last night spotted leaving the delivery ward wearing sunglasses, a hoodie and shorts with his tiny bundle of joy following behind.
Alongside him was his wife Nancy, and behind her was a nurse carrying the precious baby, whose name has not yet been revealed.
Thomas and his wife were escorted from the hospital by a burly team of female security guards. Hospital staff were so keen for the couple not to be seen they allowed them to use a private exit normally reserved for surgery patients.
Thomas is now set to strike a $1 million deal for the exclusive first pictures of his baby. He has also had a documentary team following them around during the last months of the pregnancy.
Last night the hospital refused to confirm if he had given birth by caesarean. Janette Sherman, a spokesperson for St Charles Medical Center, said: “Due to Federal law I cannot confirm or deny the presence of that person at this hospital”.
Just weeks ago, Thomas told of his joy as they prepared for the new arrival. Thomas said: “We are so excited for her arrival. “I just cannot wait to hold her in my arms and be a father.”
Thomas continued: “I’m just looking forward to holding her for the first time, to finally get to touch her and see her face. “I think about this everyday.”
Thomas chose to keep his female reproductive organs because Nancy, who already has two grown-up children, had undergone a hysterectomy.
To fall pregnant he had to stop taking his sex-change testosterone hormone so he could start ovulating again.He initially fell pregnant with TWINS on his first attempt using donor sperm bought from a cryogenic sperm bank.
But he suffered an ectopic pregnancy and was forced to undergo lifesaving emergency surgery, losing the twins and a fallopian tube.
Thomas was inseminated by Nancy at home using a special syringe from a VET who looked after their pet birds - after doctors and baby clinics turned them away.


babydollkisses said...

this is very intresting! kinda weird but i would be greatful if i could have a husband that would be willing to carrie our baby if i wasnt able to

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