Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DBNA got the reward.

Living under the coward world - DATUK TIKIE LAFE, DATUK JAMES DAWOS MAMET AND DATUK RICHARD RIOTS. They blamed the association DBNA (or Dayak Bidayuh National Association) inorder to safeguard ABDULLAH AHMAD BADAWI(Current Prime Minister) who is the traitor to the Bidayuh community, a community who was denied Federal Post ie. a person who represent the community to the ruling cabinet. May God blessed him.

taki kasung

‘DBNA has been unfairly blamed’ By Churchill Edward

(Source: Borneo post 25/06/2008)

KUCHING: The Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) has been unfairly blamed for not being strong enough in getting Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki to remain in the federal cabinet, an official of the association said yesterday.
Its vice-president Jameson Ahip Nawie told The Borneo Post this when asked to elaborate on a certain statement contained in a DBNA press release issued here yesterday.
“The community has blamed us (DBNA) for not being strong enough to support Dr Tiki. But how can we say much on the appointment when we are just volunteers (NGO)?” he said when contacted.
(Appointment of members of the federal cabinet is the prerogative of the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi following recommendations by political parties forming the government.)
Ahip clarified that the press statement did not suggest what he personally thought of Dr Tiki but disclosed what the Bidayuh community had thought about DBNA over the community’s non-representation in the federal cabinet.
He also rejected the suggestion that Abdullah was annoyed with DBNA to the extent that he dropped Dr Tiki from his cabinet.
“We are just saying (in the press release) that the community has blamed DBNA. But it is unfair,” he said without telling possible reasons why Dr Tiki was dropped by Abdullah from his cabinet. As a result, the community lost what looks to be their only chance (through Dr Tiki) to be represented in the federal cabinet.
Dr Tiki’s first federal cabinet post was as Deputy Minister of Unity and National Integration before being appointed Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development.
An MP for Mas Gading since he got elected in the 1999 parliamentary election, Dr Tiki is currently Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) vice-president.
SPDP has recommended his name along with four others on the party list of potential candidates for either senator or deputy minister post. However two other MPs were appointed while another party member was appointed senator.
In yesterday’s press release, aimed at announcing DBNA’s forthcoming triennial delegates’ conference (TDC), Ahip said the association had been put under tremendous pressure to play a more active role in articulating the welfare and interests of the community.
According to the press release, the pressure is being felt more now because the community has also blamed DBNA for the decision of the Prime Minister to drop Dr Tiki - the first Bidayuh MP in the federal cabinet - from his (Abdullah) present cabinet.
“The delegates’ conference is being held against the backdrop that the association is being put under tremendous pressure to play a more active role in articulating the welfare and interests of the community.
“For example, the association was partly blamed for the decision of the Prime Minister to drop Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe, MP for Mas Gading and former Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development from his present cabinet,” Ahip said.
Despite the political “backdrop”, some DBNA members interviewed were happy with the present central executive committee (CEC) led by civil servant Ik Pahon Joyik. Pahon is permanent secretary to the Ministry of Social Development and Urbanisation.
They are particularly happy with the CEC for its ability to raise funds to renovate the headquarters building and upgrade its facilities, he said.
The TDC, themed ‘Building a more progressive and industrious Bidayuh community towards 2020 and beyond’, will be officiated by Environment and Public Health Minister Datuk Michael Manyin Jawong. Manyin, also chief advisor of DBNA, will be giving a keynote address on the first day of the TDC, Ahip pointed out.
“Most consider the current CEC as the most active since its bumper years in the mid-70s and 80s,” he said.
Ahip, who is also TDC secretariat 2008 coordinator, said the TDC will be held on June 28 and 29 at its headquarters here.
The two-day TDC will be attended by delegates and observers from the association’s 21 divisions, including the newly formed Klang Valley division. The TDC would consider various motions and resolutions pertaining to the welfare and interests of the community, Ahip added.


Anonymous said...

Project: Bengoh Dam
Main Contractor: Naim Cendera
Contract cost: RM310.65m

Naim Cendera website release:
Once completed, this 63 metre high by 267 metre long dam will have a capacity of 144 million cubic metres (1m3=1,000kg or 1 tonne) and will produce a lake with a surface area of approximately 10km square. Designed to secure Kuching's water supply for the foreseeable future, the dam will be only the second in Malaysia to be constructed using Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) technology, which offers a projected service life of 100 years. The package also includes ancillary buildings, infrastructure and associated works, and resettlement of the affected communities.

Press release:
Tuesday July 24, 2007
Naim gets new project
KUALA LUMPUR: Naim Cendera Holdings Bhd told Bursa Malaysia that it has won a RM310.65mil contract for the construction of the Bengoh Dam in Kuching. – AFX-Asia

Sub-Contractor: Sino Hydro Corp. (China)
Sub-Contract cost: RM145m

Press release:
Sinohydro Corporation Won the Bidding of Malaysia Bengoh Water Supply Project
Malaysia Item Department2008-02-20
In February 2nd the Eighth Bureau of Sinohydro Corporation received the letter officially issued by the owner of Malaysia Bengoh water supply project, the total price is 145,000,000 Malaysia Ringgit (approximately 45,000,000 US dollars), which lays a solid foundation for the develpoment of Sinohydro Corporation in the Southeast Asia market.
Bengoh water supply project is the municipal administration public facility invested by Malaysia Federal State, which belongs to the international market non-water and electricity project. This project is located in the Kuching administrative area under the government of Malaysian Sarawak State, which is 42 kilometers away from Kuching urban district and the exterior transportation condition is good. The project is the inpounding and intake water project, mainly provides clean water source for downstream 30 kilometer place Batu Water Treatment Factory to solves the clean water source problem of Sarawak State capital Kuching city. The project includes a roller compacted concrete dam, intake water tank structure, upstream boat slope constructure and operating control office. The total excavation amount is approximately 305,000 cubic meters, the roller compaction concrete is 150,000 cubic meters and habit concrete 20,000 is cubic meters. The project is conducted by the way of primary contractor project, the total time limit is to plan to complete in 30 months.

Contract cost difference:
RM310.65m - RM145m = RM165.65m

So the difference go to where?
Piling jobs? Access road bridges jobs? Blow jobs?

Wake up Bidayuhs, the leaders Bidayuh YBs MPs basically killed, robbed own Bidayuhs in broad daylight.

tsunami said...

just got on this. Jameson ahip is right when he commented that DBNA is ngo establishment and no say in miniter appointment. Come peoples (the dayak bidayuh) in particular. DBNA should and must be ngo but active in helping the dayaks (Land and Sea Dayak and other natives). If i can quite recall, DBNA has been headed by individual with vested political interests. Where has it headed? Where is the destination? I would personally said, Dayak Bidayuh Nuk Arak. Hah.hah.. stupid so-called dayaks(bidayuh) leaders blaming another dayak's ngo. You no school. You brain keep where? Or you have not used your head located at the top part of your body but uses more of your small head at the middle part of your body. Can you what is that? the head of your cocklah...cock head.. idiot.