Friday, June 6, 2008

Petrol for more 'Ayoh'

Fuel price hike! Ayoh....

Everyone will say 'Ayoh' this time and i am very pretty lucky by toping up mine full tank before. So, the new subsidy for Petrol will be RM2.70 per liter and Diesel will be RM2.58 per liter. It will be reviewed in the Parliment every month as said but for whatsoever reason, the blame was, government was subsidising Petrol and Gas for about 53 billion Riggit every year. Another statement we heard was to eradicating black market of oil smuggling to other countries. 'Ayoh' again because it will make the enforcement authorities to sleep.

Today, I checked up the prizes of good in the supermarket. Very petty 'Ayoh' again. The salesgirl was busy putting up the new tag for some of the goods as adviced by their 'towkays'. Controlled item like sugar was taken out the shelfs. The most fascinating was my favourite "Beras wangi Thailand" grade AAA was tagged at RM56.00 for 10 Kg. Ayoh.

For us Bidayuh, no such worry. Since we have voted BN for the last 12 general election, why worry so much. We let those Malays fight with their counterparts Malay. They will also fight with those Chinese and I do not want Datuk Tiki Lafe or any of those three stoogers to raise the issue of price hike. Let those people fight among themselves and when the bull fight, why must sang kancil go in beween and get hurted. I have reason for my own since i knew those question and for pretty sure, I knew the answer.
I have access to some other website and why we have to worry about this tidal phenomena between us. Not so much again. We have just completed our Gawai celebration and thus, we should consume much of our Paddy until finished and by July, the new season of planting begin and to whatever reasons, we should not worry so much. Ayohh because some are still worried.

The new hike was telling us the new begining. It was the falldown of the whole system. The administration of Ahmad and Najib was a weak combination. They are uncapable of managing the resources. Our money will start to devaluate not by speculation but due to their action. Prices of good will shoot up and when the turn comes, we wil be second to Indonesia and everyone laugh.

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