Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Come ! DBNA Bintulu 2008

Come! Let me share with you some of the photos which I have captured here in Bintulu recently. Very nice. I have tried to put my identity secret but ...OH, some of our friend are very curious. He asked photo, Here ,taki kasung are still kicking and still be with you guys.

Yes, there is a DBNA family day recently here and I have been doing some secret shotting to some of our guys but I would like not to post it here.

Dear friends, there is some nice photo. Slightly better than Pontianak or in another word, if there is an option to go to pontianak or to shoot some nice pictures here, I would prefer to stay. Taking some photo lah.

No hard feeling. This old man are very old, here are very old, there are very old, Some are toothless......Haa...haa...haaa. with some of the pontianak attacking pictures. Probably orang kaya I mean.
Yes, I would like to see VON there but a big Question mark. The sister of JJ, the webmaster. Where re yu. Checkers on the line.

Here my friend.I have not putting myself interesting but would like to put some shit on it. There, you people will be happy and enjoy yourself. Seeing is believing.

taki kasung



swisserikin said...

Nice pics

Tiyung Dayak said...

Waahlau weh! Got some beautiful and wonderful Bidayuh girls in Bintulu, uh? I'm eager to meet some of them next time whenever I'm in Bintulu lah! But then, I prefer to hide my ID and do some secretive window shopping at the Parkcity Mall... L.O.L.!!!

Mr.Clive said...

nice! :)