Thursday, April 30, 2009

From my table 2009

The life was good for me this year. My Tummy are growing bigger and bigger and I really put on weight. It was my planning to go abroad just to forgot Malaysia. Too much burden on taxes. What is that paying 23% when there is good facilities in the country. It is just transfered to another pockets in the form of faulty development and dirty politics. Taib mahmud has just lost his wife and she doesn't bring the money to heaven or hell. That is people.

Well, at least I am happy now. I have experience of riding a horses, sun bathing, seeing the bautiful beaches and towns and even fucking european ladies with my small dick. Isn't that interesting friends. Please don't follow me if you can't. I am a very special Bidayuh. In my organisation here, there is none of our races presece, except me. I repeat.....except me. Not Dawos, not Manyin or even Tiki Lafe whom are proud of their title "milliones" obtained from dirty sources but never enjoy the livings. I am carrying myself solo here in the name of only successful bidayuh. I have urinated and passing Shits in Europe and south Amerika. Really good yeah..... That is what our grandfather told us. You shit and Urinate at "Benua Rangputih" that make myself so proud. Bravo and good although it doesn't carry a meaning.

I was arrogant. In Bidayuh, it is called 'sumbong' but I have to tell them that I am that damned good to be proud of. I enjoyed my living and bidayuh should wake up because those of you never had that understanding. What is that for you to burn the jungle and planting small scales paddy farm and planting small scale Rubber trees. When you tapped it, you just make the Chinese people rich because you will sell it to them in a small scale and everbody is doing the same jobs. Isn't that you should give something to the children like proper education?

Please!..If I were you people, I will not vote for Barisan Nasional who has govern our state for that long and be considered very-very long. Don't vote for TIKI, Don't vote for DAWOS, Don't vote for MANYIN, Don't listen to that Crap Najib and don't vote for those who carry BN logos. They are the politics of low moral value when comes to BIDAYUH. Bidayuh are gentle people and are the victims of Malay, Chinese and Iban. For these three major races, get out of them when the condition permits. If you saw their politics are unstable, use that opourtunity to trample them down as you are about to slaughter a big cow and the time is permit now.

Bidayuh da kaii pandai ngundah ulah da paguh. taki kasung


Anonymous said...

Hi sir@TK!

I hope it's not too late to wish u Sramat Gawea.

Aang Pidea

Anonymous said...

hey taki, pls don't blame other races for the failure of your own people. after independence, all citizen have the right to determine their destiny, for the better or worst.

taki kasung said...

no one is protected at
has to be said