Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ghost of Gawai 2009

I don't had the pleasure to write this time but I am comming back to upload a Video, simple one.

In our community, this is boring. I show something which has been seen by many. I wanted to introduced sarawak but I never work with Tourism industry. Tourism industry in my country never appreciate this and will never told this to annyone. They are famous in introducing islamic culture and values which was all borrowed from Arabs world. Very little is introduced when comes to ethnic like the people of Bidayuh, small population of Sarawak, Malaysia.

Bidayuh composed 10% of Sarawak population which is considered the minority. You can see what the Muslim has been doing to us. They stopped our Radio channel throughout Sarawak. We have no TV programme spoken in our Language and stopped everything including ....???

Shall I continue....
Taki kasung always wrote nosense in his blog. Ok, but at least I speak for the people. To be exact, In our country, If you are not muslim, it is very-very difficult to find a Job. The only highest ranking for the Bidayuh was the three people who were the elected representative because they won the General Election and were called the Yang Berhormat. Very shame.

But someone will said, Taki kasung is not a Bidayuh. I understand that because I do what others can't do. I will write Bidayuh this time. Now you must believe me that I am Bidayuh.

O Pakih ande kinde ka-yi picaya aku. Oh bala dingan. Kaii kinde mari gawai taye neh. Aku mari ndug binua tubuk inya main mindu da kampung. Paguh ye.... Buleh lagi aku paste ne ati supaya simua dapat tubuk neh.

Sanda ti sanda bukar sadung ceh kinde. Aba bakok.

OK, this is the language of Bukar Sadong. A widely spoken language of Bidayuh in serian district. Borneo, Sarawak, Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

wat story can u relate this video to bidayuh culture...is it a kind of tradition or a rumors from our ancestor? i bealive the first village introduce this is kpg bunan....back in 80's they call it bamboo gawai

Anonymous said...

Funny post, TK.
Cool Webpage.

C. Kiyui.

Anonymous said...

bidayuh aba ngalah... wake up! wake up! bidayuh.. go go bidayuh.. aba slalu nyihup arak murah.. every bidayuh misti start buka bisness..

giam_avenue said...

helo TK..im a Bidayuh too..but a bit different accent. Bidayuh Padawan..kpg Giam. Heard before?
I agree bout the islamic thing. Though exposing myself, this matter is kinda sensitive..races! Hate that but what we are facing nowadays is real.
2nd thing, i agree in promoting our beautiful truly Sarawak for tourism thing.

Anonymous said...

This was "kitupeng video" in my kg, kg Janan this year gawai. Who says kitupeng was introduced in Bunan? bako' raye nyanda meng en! "Kitupeng" was played during Gawai since longtime ago in long houses. I suggest this tradition about Kitupeng should be written by Bidayuh siciologist or academicians. Infact, there are very less books or publications about we bidayuh. Thats why less information of our cultures are known & understand by others.

Cleo said...

aiyoo... i love my bidayuh... this video is smekind at my kg la... really taki kasung??? kg jenan???

Anonymous said...

I am a Bidayuh but living in Australia. I find your blig very interesting and when you curse in Bidayuh, hilarious!

'O Pakih ande kinde ka-yi picaya aku.' hahahah!

Keep up the good work. We need more Bidayuh blogs.