Saturday, September 26, 2009

Helping a friend

Just a bit of story to tell. A friend of mine were asking me on how to make his wife loves him so much, respect his parent, his family and so on... So I began to asked him some question like: Do you have any problem with your wife?. Do you have a good conversation at night?

We were all laughing but I gave him some clue to solve his problem. Today or tomorow, you must prepare RM200.00. Bring her(His wife) to the town and buy some present mainly for her parent and his parent. Later, ask her to distribute the gifts. The amount must be divided equally. RM 100.00 in the type of presents to his parent, another RM100.00 is for her parent. For this case, as what I have said, it might change the wind. And he said, that's clever idea.

No...No....that is not the only idea I have got. I got another TEN to tell if you are willing to listen. So he begin curious. Tell me another FIVE he said.
And I continued. Actually, these are all mindset changes as I told him. If you know how to handle peoples mind, you are always on the top. One example I told him, YOU see those muslims, some are willing to sacrifice his/her body to bombs and scattered his/her limbs everywhere but if you can tell your wife that all the bad things are belonging to SINs, then, she will return and give a big hug to you. She will rspect you so much even if you don't give her money. Then he started asking again. Where do you learn all these things ah....??.

Another Four he said...

And I chopped him. Why do you start saying like that to me?. Just now you want my idea but now you want to control over me.

Last one I said. Do you pray? He said, Yes..yes...he said and I asked him to make the sign of the cross. His one is from UP,DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT and I knew him an Anglican. OK I said, pray to Jesus so that your wife is good to you and your family. After that, he is curious to ask another idea and our conversation is not ended there. I told him that he is an Anglican and he smiled. You are smart he said to me. To him I said... Stop!. stop! no more question. Yours is easy to handle. Accomplished the first one or the second and the third. If it doesn't solve you, return here and bang my table. Get another twenty idea from me. I can tell you one day for the topic.

Ti mah ulah taki kasung.


Terrance said...

Dear Taki Kasung

Amu ira ngundah duit? Aku aduh cara. I made 15% return just by doing nothing. I can meet you in person karau boleh.



Anonymous said...

Susah ra picaya..