Friday, January 22, 2010

Twenty ten. What is it?

I have not put some posting since the begining of the year. I was imagining on what will be the effect of this Year 2010 and the date 20th, 21st and 22nd. This year, we remember that Lord Jesus Christ was here on earth 2010 years ago. Because of the year, on January, there will be a twist on human history again and again. I believed this. Ever since the Church were attacked with Motolov by muslims in Malaysia, now on that date, there will be a twist of the story. I don't believed any Christian will burn Muslim prayer room. It was done by a secret police who wanted to cover up the whole story inorder to change the subject. The twist I mention was 2010. 10 will be twisted into 01 and it will become January and on this date, the story was made.

See the calculation below:

20 - 10 =10 ok
20 x 10 = 200 ok
20 + 10 = 30 0k
20 -: 10 = 2

For us, better not to worry so much. The date will passed and everything will become normal. Just knowing that the outcome of 20 and 10 and the summeration from 2010 and the date will be exactly 20 or 21 because it will represent Year2010 except when you divide 20 and 10, it will become 2 and the story of 2 is the number of muslim prayer rooms vandalised and everything will be put to end or stop.

Oh yeah...taki kasung knows.
Before you forgot, If you like those number(s), write it in your forehead or print. Adios Y chow from me.

taki kasung da kaii pandai ngundah ulah da paguh. Dari Pintar.

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Anonymous said...

Aba kaya daya bidayuh. Nuan anang bagi kami malu.