Thursday, August 19, 2010

taki kasung is ALIEN

This year( 2010) is the quitest year for me especially for blogging. Maybe because I was been well fed outside. I keep my low profile when going back during the last Gawai celeberation. Just grabbed my old clothings and hanging around to test back old environments. Many of the young kids still recognised me but I really don't and still I wanted to pretend. Life is just like a Joke as I imagined. If Barak Obama appear in front me, I knew that I will recognised him just like the children. Well, that is just a small story to tell. There is a lot of changes and new things appear, new fashion and so on...but something I forgot to tell. I am still young.

Ok, no more joke
The joke is only one time per year.

Well, Humor always appear when you are good. Good person like taki kasung always make people happy. If you are not happy, at least I am happy because I feel that I will make someone happy
To be a gentle person like taki kasung is not a hard habit to do. I do make a lot of carings. I send a lot of naked pictures is for what? If you wan't, then send me your email. I love of more than care. That is the philosophy of taki kasung. "Bua sanda anak inya bukar sadong da pala pinuji inya bala ratus" taki kasung. blogspot. com

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