Monday, August 23, 2010

Mana itu celaka James / Where is that Bastard James

I live with chinese, share a room with a malay and Indians were my best friend. It is the common sense that I am carrying and everyday, new experience and new knowledge that I gained. I never forgot that friends are the people that we need regardless of whom they are. Jesus was true when he said," Love your enemies as you love yourself". It is a sense.A simple common sense.

For us as a community like Bidayuh, this was a very very special situation that we followed the lord. We still have the very very respect of others like respecting for the peoples who govern us and also for the peoples who knew how to bullshit. Do you get proud for yourselves?.

 Peoples of Bidayuh as far as I knows, They like to be in a groups. They are very happy if pigs were slaughtered and to be shared betwen themselves. They called it "Nyara" meaning , something is eaten together regardless of the consequences. I remember that year 2007 was the event and was the story....

At that time when the meeting was held, A bidayuh Man name James were advertising a plot of land to sell for making the Kampong or Village to the community in Bintulu. The idea was well accepted and sell like hot cakes. At that time, James Kator was the pesident of DBNA(Dayak Bidayuh National association) Bintulu Branch. The ideas was spread and were well known within the community. Well, All these name bearing JAMES are all greedy. Let see.....

First, when the land were sold, This James(Land owner) start do dig the plot of land and start putting his Palm oil nursery on that land because according to him, he is not happy with some who haven't pay him full but the list is not told. He has been keeping of more than 50 buyers times RM4000.00 each and the money if rest in ASB or unit trust since year 2007 can generate more income. Well, just not to scare you that your palm oil will not turn yellow or missing one day.

James Kator, the President of DBNA is just like conspirasy. People question him on why at this time, he quit the Pesident post but was well known to save association money in ASB to generate interest. I don't like to involved this Quitters so much. Jus said that your promise are blank and empty. Papers are missing.

After James, Another James appear. James George Nyanyi took the post. Just knowing how to Belanggi and become the President because he would like to be. He have no link in politics and no basics in public appearance. He forgot all the aims and the needs of association. Well, part of his greediness and James story always told and told everywhere starting with James Brooke, the white Rajah who came with guns and scare the Sultans. Later comes James Dawos Mamit, the VIP's and so many bidayuh done with that name and I don't know why the wife of James Jamas of Bintulu Port Authority suddenly start selling woman napkins in the association with the introduction of pyramid business.

Celaka you of James family.


Tiyung Dayak said...

I thought that you’re no longer active in blogging lah, kawan...

About the James... Well, you do know better than I do!

Thanks for the info, anyway!


Joana Janang Balingian said...

I'm not bidayuh, but i married to bidayuh. My daddy's name james janang but he was very nice, sincere, reasonable person n very perfect to me. nobody can replaced him in this world... . However, i'm yr fan. Always read yr blog..& it would not hurt me. Keep it up takikasung.