Sunday, July 29, 2012

Anwar without NUCLEAR

This is just the story of malaysian politics and it is nothing to do with Nuclear. If you read Malaysian insider or any other  malaysian news, you will came across that the opposition is always on the confortable zone to win the general election. well, this is just year 2012. 2012 is just the cyclone year. After zero is one and after one is two. Best to tell...sugar in a cup of coffee is just making a tasty coffee and make it good to drink. haa.haa....meaning that I am a god forune teller to tell everyone!!.

Having said that to you, please don't gamble. I may lied. Don't trust me......

So, what do you think my friend? Did Japan won the war without nuclear. Certaily not. Two nuclear bomb were exploded at Nagasaki and Hiroshima meaning that without nuclear bomb, you can't win the war.

Anwar....If you wanted to win the GE, prepare yourself a new Nuclear Bomb. You should started campaigning yourself to all over Malaysian regardless of whoever they are. Then, you will be confortable even to bet on your wife. I always told my collegue. Don't believe me and it is just funny

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Anonymous said...

Yes bro, true yet he still needs a substance that can make big impact "Nuclear". I thinks the nuclear here is peoples power. Most recently, two most prominent Sabahan Politicus resign from the BN component party. PR, championing the rakyat wills slowly gain the hearts and minds of the peoples. The issues mostly controvercial such as the RCI in Sabah, Sabah Sarawak Oil and gas royalties, inequalities of development of both SS compared to Malaya. Each day new evidence of how corrupt and tyrant BN UMNO led Govt. prevailed. I do believe this time BeNd is getting nearer to its domms day. I believe the Nuclear Bomb here is the genuine will and power of the peoples to dare to change in the next 13th GE. I do believe we all are looking into the days where real democracy is alive.