Monday, September 3, 2012

Stand tall as Mafia and Terrorist

 I was driving from Miri to Serian and it took me 12 hours to complete the journey. It is just half stretch of the sarawak land as I could feel how tiring it has been. I am trying to recall here is not of my driving experience but of my  imagination as I travelled for the past hours

This vast land and where are the Bidayuh?,  I was putting myself wrong to own the land. Serian-Padawan-Bau which are all shared betwen Bidayuh,Iban,chinese,Malays and other communities with the capital city Kuching and so called bullshit a bidayuh land. So, what are the pictures I am trying to tell bidayuh about this?.

 If you are YB Michael or YB Tiki, don't tell yourself that you are proud of Pandelela as much as you own the land and said, she is deemly ours to be proud of and start messing peoples around that we had achieved as Malaysian compared to the rest.

I had an adviced. she received her award after hari Raya only after Najib administration were told and hate to write about this.

Since the olden days when Terror organisation led by Terrorist Panglima Rentap rage our areas and farmlands, most of our anchestors were killed with missing head. All were said were about Panglima Kulow were the warior in Bau. Maybe because he was a warrior of hiding at Bung Bratak hill without a trace.

My advice to all Bidayuh is not to make yourself proud of yourselves here in Malaysia even if thousand of ringgit fell from the sky because you pray. We were not the same as Muhammad who own and controlled Middle East with Arabs terror and changing christian religion into Islam. We are not a part even to be with others to create Malaysia. We are still living because someone told killings is evil so we live by people mercy and now, we were told of around 100,000 of us in total.

Tell me if you are bidayuh and has become an ambassador in other foreign country. Tell me from the top to bottom that bidayuh has a dollar note. Tell me that bidayuh has own any ships and sail around the world. Except me Taki kasung who has been in foreign land shitting in whites man land. Tell me by telling me or sort of telling me never finished even to own aTV programme, newspapers or books.

In Malaysia, At Bidayuh facebook. There are many of Bidayuh trying to be a hero by disliking people's leader thinking that they will get sympathy. This is a total shit and shame. Some like opposition and some like ruling party. I tell you my friends, brothers and sisters. Both PKR and BN are the west malaysian formed party. PKR was formed so that Anwar can protect himself free from sodomy cases and if the party performed, he will become the Prime Minister with the family YB wife and YB daughter.

Same were with BN. After Tun abd Razak will be Najib Abdul Razak and Hussein Onn will be Hishamuddin Tun Hussein and a person like Mahathir or Ahmad Badawi will be called a parasite and will be forceed to vacate the seat

Being told and being the victims, stand tall as Mafia and Terrorist and no point to angry with chief minister Abdul Taib Mahmud who has grabbing Ibans land so that they may have some but if Afraid Jabu are trying to do land grabbing in Tebedu again, oh shit....I will run away so that Police and Army will not putting me into the cell. This may what bidayuh are thinking like graduating from open university seven mile. Graduates they like themselves to be called and never hiding graduates. They will never be like the Jews who always remind them that they are the victim of Holocaust.

Bidayuh are the outspoken but protecting other races properties and after reading this, you can start telling your father and your mother that one guy by hiding as taki kasung are the one clever Bidayuh just like spiderman or a batman

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